Zsa Zsa Buerkle

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Debbie is very excited to introduce her first international star! Her name is Zsa Zsa Buerkle and she is a 15 year old actress from Germany.

She has starred on TV and film since she was a young girl and is considered one of the top young stars throughout Europe. She received the best young actor award from Germany’s esteemed “Young Faces Awards of 2009” and was listed in Expresse.de, in Germany, on the international “Top Ten to Watch in 2010.”

Debbie was impressed with the talent and poise displayed by Zsa Zsa when she taught her at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and she quickly introduced her to top agent, Cindy Osbrink, who represents such greats as Dakota and Elle Fanning. Cindy and Debbie are looking forward to the wonderful adventure of taking Zsa Zsa to incredible heights in the U.S. The sky’s the limit!

Zsa Zsa's resume. See her full Filmography at IMDB.

Email deborahjanemcleod@yahoo.com
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